It's A Wrap!

Turkey Avocado Wrap

Here's a healthy, quick and easy lunch that is sure to satisfy. I came up with about 380 calories and about 22 grams of fat (mostly from the avocado so it’s OK!) and I only need to eat half the wrap to feel satisfied. Served with a few grapes, this is a easy, healthy and delicious lunch.

Turkey Avocado Wrap

1 Whole wheat wrap (fat free, 100 calories)
Sliced turkey meat (Healthy Choice)
½ avocado
1 slice provolone cheese
Alfalfa sprouts
Red leaf lettuce
Cucumber slices, I cut mine into sticks
Djon mustard

The fun of making a wrap is that there are no rules. Just don’t over stuff your wrap, make sure you can still pull the wrap all the way around your ingredients.

Start by laying your turkey slices down the center of the wrap. I generally leave about a 1” space away from the edge and try to layer my ingredients down the middle in strips. Then add cheese,  avocado, cucumber sticks, sprouts and lettuce.

You can add your favorite low-cal dressing, I chose a spoonful of my Raspberry Chipotle Dressing and a little bit of Dijon mustard, a nice combination!


  1. OOOHHH!!!!! I Love it! I love it!! So much better than the scrambled egg and 1/2 bagel that I had this afternoon. I love wraps like this, but I'm usually so boring in putting them together that I really don't like them. Avocado makes everything good, and with that sauce I'll bet this is a hit. Thank you! I need to spice up my lunches.
    Your photos are just amazing... gotta love these beautiful days!!

  2. I absolutely loveee a good wrap. I would choose wrap over sandwich / roll anyday! Especially anything with a white meat and avocado combination :)

  3. That is SOOOOO something I would love, I adore avocado like you wouldn't believe so this is perfect for me! Thanks so much for sharing it!

  4. I love sandwich wraps! This one looks delicious! :)


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