Our Story

I started blogging in 2007 with a very unspecific, directionless and random blog, “Life In San Diego”. I wrote about places I went, restaurants, concerts, and events that I reviewed, it was a little bit of everything.

At the time, my Mom lived on the other side of the country in North Carolina so it was a way to share with her what I was doing in my life. She was my biggest fan and one of my 3 regular followers, although none of them once made a comment on any of my posts. I haven’t posted on that blog since May 2010, when I decided to focus my attention on other things.

I met Mark, a fellow San Diego native, on India Street in Little Italy in August of 2009. It’s a long story how it all happened, it involves my cousin and aunt and uncle, Mark’s ex girlfriend Shannon, Del Mar Races, Slow Trav, and a trip to Santa Barbara to see a Radiohead concert. In the end, we fell in love.

When Mark came into my life, my idea of cooking was popping a weight watchers frozen dinner in the microwave. I had just lost over 50 pounds by eating a very strict calorie and fat restrictive diet (mostly frozen meals) and working out, which was great, but very boring.

Mark loves to cook. He is Sicilian. He loves to entertain. It's his nature to make sure his guests are well fed and comfortable, and always treated like family. During the day he manages a restaurant, but doesn’t get to cook so when he gets home, he likes to create. And I like to enjoy his creations!

Sauces, soups and stews are Marks favorite things to make. He is well known for his Etouffee (which I still have not had), and he makes a fantastic lasagna and killer enchiladas. He also likes his grains and legumes and he makes quite a few very tasty vegetarian and vegan dishes.

When we decided to get married last May, we were faced with the question, do we change the name of the blog? It had already been established and had a few more followers than the San Diego blog, so it was decided to keep it as is.

Mark in the kitchen and I with camera, we are having so much fun! I enjoy searching and finding new recipes from fellow bloggers and Mark is happy to try them.

That is our story. As the blog continues to progress and evolve, so do we. We hope you find our posts to be inspiring, our recipes easy to follow and the results to be delicious!