Ravioli 09

Every year Marks family keeps up with a long time Italian family tradition, they make homemade ravioli, the old fashion way. This year the official grand total count, 1240 ravioli!

Mark inherited the responsibility for making and kneading the dough. This process begins early in the morning and requires immense strength, determination and patience, and over an hours worth of hard physical labor. I can't give you the whole recipe, but it begins with seven and a half pounds of flour!

The dough sets, or rests or whatever it does......

The fillings are prepared in a variety of mixtures, meat, spinach, (all recipes are closely guarded family secrets). Large working tables are set up and covered with flour and the specially crafted wooden racks are set up.

Balls of dough are formed and then pushed through a pasta press multiple times until they have long flat strips of soft pasta. The sheets of pasta are laid out on a large board and carefully seamed together to form a continuous sheet. The filling is spread all over and then that is covered by another sheet of pasta.

Marks Dad had a special ravioli rolling pin crafted. The ravioli are rolled and formed, then carefully cut with a special crimping roller.

This is the second year that I have been privileged to participate in the family tradition. Last year they let me watch, and I took some video. This year, since some people were missing, I was too busy to video. Here's last year....

At the end of the long day, there are thousands of little ravioli pillows stuffed and crimped with delicious filling. They are laid out single file on these stacked wooden racks, then they are carefully frozen.

Of course the BEST part is when we get to eat the ravioli on Christmas Day! Family and good friends all get together to feast and celebrate the season, it’s a delicious event!

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