Awards and Mentions

Thank you to everyone that has helped promote our blog with your mentions and links, what a tremendous difference a simple link can make! Likewise, I try to link back to my favorite blogs every chance I get, for what it is worth.

Carla over at Ideal Cooking In Carla's Kitchen did a great version of our Spiced Sweet Potatoes on the Grill. She did a recipe comparison, then she blogged about the results. Carla has a great blog and does a lot of video instructional and all her recipes are healthy and tempting. I think she came up with a great idea, you can read about the results here!: Grilled sweet potatoes.

Thank you Kelly at Eat Yourself Skinny  she was very kind to bestow this award to me! You must check out her blog, she features healthy and delicious recipes without all the guilt and calories, and she is a fabulous and entertaining writer!

Ramya the Mistress of Spices  bestowed me with the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. I fell in love with her blog. She lives in Paris with her new husband and she posts the most beautiful, colorful photos and writes fascinating stories with her recipes. We have the exact same taste in food, I swear, we love all the same spices and dishes! Check out her Tom kha phak recipe, yum!

Kim at Liv Life, (and fellow San Diegan) has been one of my biggest supporters. She not only writes one of the best food blogs out there, but she is a great community supporter, both local in the community and online.

Kim has increased traffic to my blog with kind words and links to my blog in her posts, and she always takes the time to leave a thoughtful comment on my posts. If that isn't enough, she sent me the Versatile Bloggers Award in recognition of my multiple blogs, including my drinking blog, I'll Have Another One......sorry......shameless self plug. Thanks again Kim!

Here's a plug from Runs With Spatulas, she made the Butternut Squash Stuffed Shells, one of my favorites!

I have more ideas for this page!!! 

I want to link to more of my favorite blogs so please check back again soon.....