Chive Flowers, Eat Them!

Photo by Tiffany Arp-Daleo

Have you ever eaten a chive flower? They are actually delicious, especially if you like garlic the way I do.

Delicately flavored, the chive blossom is a cross between garlic and onion, but then there is a slight pop of sweet when you bite into the flower.

There are lots of fun ways to eat the blossoms. They are beautiful and delicious scattered over a salad, tartine or baguette. You might like them in your scrambled eggs, and they make a real purty garnish on a deviled egg!

Or, you could get crazy and mash the blossoms into some goat cheese with a bit of honey for a twist on this appetizer recipe found at The Kitchn, I'm drooling.

Chives are easy to grow from seed, get them here at San Diego Seed Company, or look for them ready to eat in your local farmers market!

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