Our New Back Yard & Garden!

I am finally posting a few photos from our garden, also known as the Garden of Eden. Our neighbor and the curator of our shared garden, Brijette from Harvest and Bloom, is amazingly talented and knows her stuff when it comes to gardening!

Secluded, lush and tranquil, impossible to get it all in one shot!

A mixture of flowers and veggies....

Lots of tomatoes, peppers and tomatillos.

Specialty tomatoes from San Diego Seed Co.

Once you try these, you will never go back to grocery store tomatoes!

Beautiful and HOT!

Just little surprises everywhere...


Are these edible?

I love these colors!

Shady Grove - Keeping an eye on things (or just a bird)

And there is so much more! I will be writing more about our little garden of Eden and our avocados, oranges, lots more fruits and vegetables, it is constantly evolving and changing. I want to do a little feature about Brijette and her seed company, and maybe get her to share some gardening tips...... so check back soon!


  1. I love having my own vegetable garden too! There's nothing like fresh tomatoes!

  2. This is looking soo good. One of my dreams is to have my own garden too. It will be soo delightful to wake up, go in the garden and pick some fresh vegetables..

  3. Your garden is gorgeous! SO jealous of your tomatoes! I know they're supposed to be easy to grow but mine are having such a hard time! My cherokees are taking foreverrrrr to ripen..

  4. Everything look so good. Love your pictures.


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