Taste of Little Italy-Our Experience!

It has taken me a few days to get this post up, we moved AGAIN (second time in 3 months) and things have been a little chaotic. But, I am very happy to report that we are ecstatic about our new home! More to come on that soon.....

Thanks to the generosity of some kind people at Citrus PR, Mark and I were able to attend The Taste of Little Italy last week.Wow, what FANTASTIC way to discover new restaurants in one of our favorite parts of town!

The starting point where we picked up our passports

A very nice presentation at Prep Kitchen

Prep Kitchen's Stuffed Dates wrapped in Bacon, with Sangria!

Napizza, maybe the best pizza I have ever had???

Of course live music....

Amazing slices at Isola Pizza Bar!

Anthology's local Halibut Crudo on Brioche Toast with Fava Bean Pesto

Fabrison's assortment of dessert crepes, deliciouso!

Enoteca Style Prosecco

Enoteca Style Corn Salad, very nice!

Puerto La Boca's sampling of steak & sausage, outstanding!

Mark couldn't decide which to eat first....eh, one is MINE!

We ended up back at Isola for a glass of vino to relax and recap an amazing event!

Out of twenty nine participating restaurants, we only made it to sixteen, but that was more than enough to satisfy our hunger as well as our curiosity. We discovered MANY new restaurants that we will be coming back to visit again and again! 


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