Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms.... Again

This is a repeat recipe. We made these Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms last year and it is still one of our more popular posts. Easy to see why, these mushrooms are AMAZING! This is a great appetizer to bring to a party, but if you do, make a double batch, because they go fast!

Click here for the recipe.

I am still learning how to play with the settings on our new camera, but it is so much fun experimenting......

Thanks for reading, more great posts coming soon!


  1. These look so good. I wish it was not 9 at night... I want these now! :)

  2. Tiffany, thank you for the amazing recipe. I will sure add it to my blog as a your signature recipe. Meanwhile, don't be shy to grab the widget of "Awesome signature recipe from Helen's Cooking" on my website.
    I'm also planning to include this recipe into a slideshow (with link to your blog) of signature recipes of my friends.
    Thank you again!
    Keep in touch:-)

  3. they look yumm!-super like! And your photography is gorgeous ~

  4. I think we share the same taste buds! All your recipes are making me swoooon something fierce; the mushrooms, poppers, savory sweet potatoes. Wowzers!!! You da bomb!


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