Back Up, Back Up, Back Up!

One of my biggest fears in life just happened and it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I have long feared this day, the day my hard drive died and I have NOTHING backed up or saved.

All my photos, all my files. All my great ideas, half written posts and saved recipes to try. Not to mention important business documents, resumes, favorite bookmarks, family information, addresses, site passwords, journal entries, the Excel spreadsheet of ALL of my 500+ concerts, our wine notes (extensive research)......... POOF, and GONE.

The "Blue Screen of Death" something nobody wants to see, EVER

I have heard this story before from others who did (and didn't do) the same thing. I shook my head and felt sorry for them, and went on my way after making a mental note to myself to back up my stuff later.....I even bought an external hard drive about a month ago. It's sitting right here in a box next to the dead computer.

If you have not done so, PLEASE go back up your files right now! Put your photos and files on a disc or an external hard drive, something, do it NOW! Don't be lame like me!

And now, I am going to go make a sheet of fudge brownies, eat the whole thing and cry some more.....

UPDATE: My amazing and wonderful brother was able to retrieve all my files and photos!!! I still need to buy a new computer and believe me, I WILL be using that external hard drive to back everything up from now on.

Another lesson learned the hard way, but better than not learning at all, right?


  1. I've seen the awful blue screen of death before on previous computers. It's always a very sad day when that happens. Okay beyond sad. I've lost some very cherished photos never to be seen again. That was of course before hubs started backing me up online. Glad you were able to get your pics and such back!

  2. Oh no! my biggest fear too! That's why I have two hard drive back ups (one I keep at work)and Flickr. My hubbo think's it's overkill but I'd hate to lose my photos. I'm glad you recovered. Btw, I would not recommend iPad for blogging. Safari does not work well in Blogger.

  3. oh noooooo. I am happy to hear that your story has a good ending. I don't back up regularly enough and I'm also thinking after your experience that maybe I should also back up stuff online


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