San Diego Bay Food & Wine Festival

It was going to take more than a little rain to stop us from going to the 7th Annual San Diego Bay Food & Wine Festival this year. The fact that I won the tickets through our local newspaper the Union Tribune was a huge bonus!

The San Diego Bay Food & Wine Festival is one of the best food festivals in town. It's the perfect opportunity to discover new restaurants, chefs, trends, and brands. The fact that it was raining, windy and cold dampened the event, but it was still well received and enjoyed by all. I think some of us were secretly happy to break out our scarfs, gloves and umbrellas!

My personal chef!

We had the chance to taste over 800 wines, beers and spirits and thousands of incredible and delicious food samples. I really enjoyed meeting and talking to many of the local chefs, brewers and foodies, it reminds me that San Diego is very much a player in current food trends.

I loved how they provided these great food trays with the wine glass holder, how ingenious!

Some of my favorites of the day; Sadie Rose Baking Co., Terra Restaurant from our neighborhood in University Heights,  Eden Bistro offered a delicious tasting, as did Harney Sushi and Vela Restaurant. Falkner Winery shared a very nice Syrah, and Orfilia Winery was there from my home town of Escondido, I also need to mention artist David Tyrone Villa, who did the artwork for the festival, and who is also from Escondido.

I wish I could plug them all, I wish I could remember them all, it was kind if a whirlwind of a day! I took notes, cards and pictures to help keep it all straight, but seriously, it was too much indulgence for one day, it's a good thing it is only once a year!


  1. Sounds like an incredible day.. and how did you manage to walk straight after tasting sooo many different wines?? :p

  2. I went to one of the sessions at this event last year. My company coincidentally had a conference at the hotel across the street, and I was able to sneak away. I would LOVE to go back to this event and to San Diego!

  3. Oh I LOVE food festivals! There are such a great way to experience new flavors...and gorge yourself! ;)

  4. Oh I'm SO jealous!! I had read about the even, but I've never been. So glad you reviewed it, I will really have to keep my eyes open for next year.


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