I Won A Contest, Wanna See My Prize?

I want to give a shout out to fellow foodie Reenie at Ravenous Rowie. I love her recipes, her style of writing and her great photos. She recently sponsored a contest on Foodbuzz, and I was one of her lucky readers that won a prize!

Reenie’s contest was to give away a package of Larabar energy bars. It wasn’t hard, I had to tell her WHY I wanted some of her gluten, dairy and soy free, vegan and kosher energy bars, and tell her that I like her blog, (we all need a little love!) and I won!

I got the package today, it came all the way from Canada! Inside was a variety box of twelve bars, including three flavors, Key Lime, Cocoa Coconut Chew, and Cashew.

So far, I LOVE the Key Lime, but that’s the only one I have had so far, and you KNOW I am going to LOVE the Cashew even more!......and that’s just the precursor to the Cocoa Coconut Chew…. Yummmm, thank you so much Reenie, you rock!

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  1. Happy to hear that you got your package, and are enjoying the bars! Love your blog!


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