Am I Ready For This? Project Food Blog

When I started this blog, I honestly didn’t cook much at all. Before I met Mark, my idea of cooking was heating up a frozen Weight Watchers frozen meal. That’s the whole thing, it was my boyfriend that cooked amazing food, and I just wanted to blog and take pictures of what he made.

A few things have changed since we started the blog in November of 2009. First, I married the boyfriend, he is now my husband. I know a good thing when I find it!

Secondly, I have discovered that I actually like, and have a knack for cooking. Everyone was surprised. I’m not so much of a recipe follower, but I do like to make up recipes with what we have on hand, sometimes it’s even the Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken Recipe

The first project in this competition is called “ready set blog” and I am supposed to write about why I am different and why I should be the next food blogging star.

I never really wanted to be a star, but let’s face it, if we didn’t seek approval from our peer’s by their comments and encouragement, we wouldn’t be bloggers to start with. I suppose there is a part of me that wants to be noticed and liked, ahhh, why not?

As a contestant, I am agreeing to participate in a competition with 2,000 fellow (very talented) Foodbuzz Featured Publishers that are competing in a series of culinary blogging challenges for the chance to advance and a chance to win the ultimate prize: $10,000 and a special feature on for one year!

I have learned so much from other food bloggers. It is awesome to be among so many talented and experienced chefs and people in the industry. For me, I like to write, but it is food photography that I want to learn and excel at. Here is one of my favorite photos.....

There are so many extremely talented photographers out there, I aspire to learn how to take photos half as good as my fellow bloggers, I would be thrilled. In the mean time, I will do my best, and keep learning.........

Thank you for reading our blog, and please check out my Project Foodbuzz profile! (over there, on the left<<<<<-------) Enjoy!


  1. Congratulations to you for entering!! I have so enjoyed reading everyone's introductory posts and am happy to know more about the writers. I'm eager to follow the competition and wish you the best of luck. I always enjoy your recipes and you take some amazing photos. Nicely done!

  2. Very nice post! Sounds straight from the heart. Good luck to you and PFB! It's fun reading every ones posts!

  3. Great post, and good luck!

  4. Great post and good luck in PFB! It's so interesting reading everyone's posts for the first challenge. We are all food blogger, but everyone has a truly unique story to tell.

  5. i love your attitude on pushing the limits of your comfort zone. congratulations on your marriage! i am looking forward to seeing your delicious dishes and kinda jealous that your hubby gets to eat them! you got my vote :)

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