Grilled Romaine with Roasted Peppers - A Guest Post!

I have been fortunate to pick up a temporary job, but I have found that going back to work has cut into my blogging time. So, from time to time, I would like to share a recipe written by a friend or family member. Besides, some of these people really know how to cook!

Today I want to share a recipe sent to me by my good friend and one time roommate, Phoebe. It sounds light and easy to make, but super tasty! Thank you Phoebe for sharing this great idea and even a photo!

I had this last week in Denver and was surprised how yummy it was! So tonight I thought I would to prepare it myself. It is super simple! 

Start with a hot grill (mine has a temp gage and was 500 degrees) 

Roast the red pepper and grill some onions.
once the onions begin to crisp remove them, but leave red pepper on if it is not getting charred. 
Slice heart of romaine  and grill with the center face down. When you see that outer leaves are beginning to blacken remove from heat. 
Layer pepper and onion on romaine
Grate fresh romano cheese over salad and salt and pepper to taste. 
I drizzled Champagne Vinaigrette over but I am sure any light dressing  will be just as tasty. 

I would use a hot grill, but try not to have high flames, as the stuff will burn too easy.  I also used a pair of stainless steel tongs (my favorite cooking utensils apart from our Global Knives)


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