Orange Slices with a Kick

These are not your average soccer Mom orange slices!

I've always loved a sweet juicy orange but for some reason they always conjure up memories of those adolescent soccer games..............sliced oranges were the half time snack of choice, accompanied with gallons of Gatorade and ice cold water, aahhhh refreshing!

And those were good memories, but nowadays I prefer a little spice in life that doesn't require excessive sweating, so I like to experiment with flavors and spices. I especially enjoy trying new spices from foreign cuisines.

Growing up in San Diego, I am privileged to enjoy a lot of authentic Mexican cooking from good friends as well as some fantastic restaurants nearby. I love Mexican food, the spices, the flavors, the peppers..........I seriously could eat it breakfast, lunch and dinner for the rest of my life!

One of my favorite treats inspired by Mexican culture is to simply sprinkle a little chili powder and a little salt on sliced oranges. By mistake I tried cayenne powder, but it didn't taste as good and was just too hot. I also have a mixed Cajun spice seasoning that is pretty good, that is what is on the oranges in the above photo.

Try it and enjoy!

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