Honeymoon Jam with Goat Cheese

It has been a crazy last few weeks, Mark and I are officially married! We had a perfect wedding, a super fun party and an amazing honeymoon! I will try to incorporate some of our wedding stories in upcoming posts, like this one.......

My husband instinctively must stop for ALL farmers markets and garage sales. Naturally, he made it a point to visit the local farmers market while we were in Zion National Park for part of our honeymoon. It was a charming market, all 7 vendors were very friendly, of course we had to buy something, and we chose a jar of jam.

Home made by Marti, the "Jam Lady" in Hurricane UT, we chose a jar of her Hot Pepper/Blueberry Jam. I have never been a big fan of jams or jellies, until our last trip to Idylwild, but that's another story.

This jam I discovered, was made to be eaten with crackers and a little (or a lot) of goat cheese. The sweetness of the sugary blueberries is perfect with the subtle spicy pepper flavor. And if you ask me, it goes splendidly with a nice Zinfandel!

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